'Low End'

Are You a Fan of the Low End? You might just be a Bass Face.

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If it's got boom and low end and projection, it's likely bass! If you're a fan of the lower end of the audio spectrum, you might just be a bass face! Get your groove on with bass themed products including subwoofers, amplifiers, tubes, and even bass guitars and related accessories.

Bass Face
Absolutely the coolest name for a brand ever!

Bass Decorative Plate More Bass Guitar T-shirts

bass guitar shirt

Bass Oval Sticker Bass Guitar Flea Figurine

bass guitar figurine

How about a "BASS" sticker for your guitar case or car window? Or maybe a Snark tuner, one of the best guitar tuners on the market. We've also got pins, pens and watches with a bass theme!

If you're looking for bass gifts for the bass player in your life, we've got you covered!
Find beanie hats, cool pewter figurines, slick mugs and lots more. Don't miss our popular
T-shirt, "You can never have too much bass".
They're the ones "holdin' down the bottom" and there are those that mostly focus on the bottom. Well, it's time to show them a little recognition with the perfect music gift item.



Bass Face is... anything bass! From bass amps to guitars to speakers and parts and accessories, bass face is for bass lovers.


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